Updated 2/15/2016: Since writing this in 2014, I did start an online bookstore through Amazon and eBay and I keep saying I’ll sell to these other stores, mentioned, but the truth is, Amazon is where you’ll sell more than 50% of your books and since I focus almost exclusively on it, 100%. It just keeps growing. I plan to open a store on ABE someday for sure.  

But here is the key, it’s not where you sell, but what you sell.

The key to online bookselling is in the buying not the selling.

Even though there are various websites to sell your mobile phones online, the question pops to mind will be, am I getting the right amount for what I’m selling?

This is a very important question when trying to sell a mobile phone over the internet so I’ve picked what I feel are the top 3 sites you can use to sell your used mobile phones, even broken ones!

If you want to get a sense of what your mobile phone is worth, you can look up the serial number, UPC (if you have the box still) or use a keyword research on pricing site CamelCamelcamel.com They use pricing data from Amazon but it’s a great starting point.

Make Money Online

So you are visiting our site because you want to make money online. It’s actually pretty simple if you pick the right business model, one you can relate to, one that is low or no-cost and one that provides consistent earnings. The one thing I’ve learned about online selling of products is if you keep your costs low, increased profits are instantaneous. I know it sounds obvious until you are working with a product source, and you get excited about the potential, but then it looks like the wholesale cost is a little higher than you planned. Then it’s not so easy.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase that it takes money to make money. With setting up your online store I like to append that to say it takes time or money to make money.

I hope to help you learn to make money online. If your not tech savvy with the next cool app ready to take the internet by storm, then you are a lot like me. Starting with a product yu can get for free makes sense but I wanted address an issue that will come up early and its the importance of staying in the game because you are expanding over two years what you could do if you had 100,000 to invest in starting a business.