Summary: Book store closures have stabilized in the US, but both online and offline stores need to get to know the part they don’t understand, and fast before Amazon, 2nd & Charles and other thrift stores giants swallow the local market. Book selling isn’t about online vs. offline, but local vs. global. Working with book sellers and libraries is tremendously awesome and these valued partners are critical to our profits. An yours.

My interest in saving bookstores is really selfish in that, I think my strengths as an online seller mesh we’ll with the brick and mortar expertise that local book stores bring. And it allows me to work with other’s as opposed to starting my own.

Batching is a great way to handle email answering and develop FAQ’s for common scenarios to respond to. And it really lightens my day!

Many times an email response is a binary choice, yes or no question which can be answered in a binary manner. This is a great place to start with automating emails based on key information points.

I use a system where I check email at 9a and 1p during the week. This is not always successful and points to the habit that email has formed over the past 15 years. Certainly true in my life.

SummaryOK is better than bad. Ok gets me on out of things I do Bad. OK is not the end goal- it can’t be anymore. It can get you down the road, though. 

McDonald’s approach of, systematized mediocrity, is on the way out over the next decade. Six Sigma and other Taylorist approaches of timing tasks and that garbage is on the way out (Ed. or went and you just missed it?).

If I can hire a vendor or an outsourced service- who does something OK, it’s not the worst outcome. A bad job is much worse and a great job is hard to find.

Even though there are various websites to sell your mobile phones online, the question pops to mind will be, am I getting the right amount for what I’m selling?

This is a very important question when trying to sell a mobile phone over the internet so I’ve picked what I feel are the top 3 sites you can use to sell your used mobile phones, even broken ones!

If you want to get a sense of what your mobile phone is worth, you can look up the serial number, UPC (if you have the box still) or use a keyword research on pricing site They use pricing data from Amazon but it’s a great starting point.

Summary: Starting an online store based on a turn-key systems is ideal if you are starting with no money. Following a proven franchise model really avoids a lot of headaches. Headaches can drain cash in lost time-to-market. Resist the urge to do it your own way and learn how I used Amazon to work for me and teach me the business for free!

Eleven Methods to Create an Online Store Franchise Model

In learning about selling on Amazon, I also began to follow eleven basic methods of their franchise, in making my own little policies and ways of doing business, which in no particular order are,

I was looking at the 99gamers video game trading website and I wanted review the business opportunity of this online store plan. First, the end goal is building an audience of 18 – 24 year old male by way of selling products to them on an under the radar but popular website. By building an audience of this hard to reach demographic you position yourself for affiliate marketing success after you’ve mastered the art of game trading and are ready to share your secrets for fun and profit.