Selling things on Ebay will be a very good experience if you do it correctly. So I am going to give you a few tips and tricks on how to sell on Ebay for beginners!

First step in the process of posting your ad on Ebay is to create an Ebay account if you do not already have one. I should emphasize that Ebay is totally free and the only thing you would have to pay for is the shipping on a product you sell and a small commission of 12% to 15%. This varies by what you are selling on Ebay.

Once you are done with the creation of your Ebay account you are ready to begin selling on Ebay! It is really simple. The next thing you need to do is to decide on, ‘What do you want to sell?’

This is where things get interesting. Anything you have around the house can be sold on this site. Remember that classic game console you used to play Super Mario Bros on? Well, if it is  worth something, people will buy it. That drawer of useless knic-knacks? Sell them. Even that birthday present that you never actually liked from about three years ago qualifies as something you can sell on Ebay!

The point I’m trying to get across here is that everything has a value and price. So let us talk about that. How do you price something correctly? When you are about to fix a pricing for your product the most important thing to remember is that you should make sure that the cost also includes the shipping expense which you might incur while shipping the product. Do not rip people off though.

For example, if the product you have will ship for ten dollars you may charge fifteen or twenty. That way it’s not a total loss. Now, don’t charge someone five bucks for something that is free to ship.

Ebay shipping costs are going to vary for each seller and product because Ebay is an international website. Pay close attention to that. When you’re selling something that you have actually created on your own, the pricing is a little more lenient.

The price of the product mainly depends on how much it cost you out of your pocket to make the product. If the cost of materials is not covered with each unit you sell, you’re not charging enough.

For example; if something cost ten bucks to make you would charge someone five. With that logic you would have to sell two units just to produce another.

Now that pricing part is over lets talk about the most important part of Ebay; the customers. The people who buy your items and/or products are ultimately the ones who decide your existence on Ebay as a seller.

Make the customer feel special. Don’t think of them as just a buyer. Once they have bought the product do a follow up with them.  Ask them if they are satisfied with the product and if they feel they have realized the value of the money they have spent on the purchase. When you do this the possibility of repeat buyers increases to a large extent.

Finally, the most important thing you have to remember is that you are selling things to people. They’re not just someone who wants your product.  Don’t treat them as a statistic. Treat them as how you would like to be treated and you will receive amazing reviews, and return buyers.

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