One of the best and most popular websites to buy and sell books online includes Amazon. The selection of the online giant makes it highly likely that you can find almost any textbook, for almost about any course on Amazon.

Apart from Amazon’s own collection of textbooks, they also have over 2 million third-party sellers and resellers (like me) to sell their books on it’s site. This provides a plethora of unique textbooks and continuing learning books.  for you to choose from. Amazon also has a deep number of formats including,

  • used text books
  • new text books
  • E-textbooks

Although Amazon may not offer great discounts on a wide variety of books, you can certainly find other sellers and resellers who offer huge discounts on a wide variety of text books, especially, if they are Prime-Eligible.

Combine that with Amazon’s super fast and reliable shipping, and return policy, and you can find yourself a super money saving deal. That  without even getting up from your dorm room couch!

Buying online can save you money. My friend said she spent less than $200 this semester (Fall 2014) by buying books online. She estimated she spent $500 a semester last year. She used Valore to buy textbooks and likes the pricing. Their shipping time was much longer than Amazon’s though, so she got most of her books about a week after classes started.  Shopping alittle early is her strategy to eliminate that

Selling your Textbooks Once Class is Done

Once the semester is over, you can also easily sell the text books back on Amazon, and that for a very reasonable price. Some of your popular textbooks will have a trade-in offer from Amazon which pays you in the form of Amazon gift certificates. You also can list your books by opening an Amazon merchant account. Almost all Amazon accounts have a seller account attached to them meaning if you have an account to buy textbooks you also have an account ready to set up to sell textbooks.

Thus, you get back a portion of your money again, after the end of the semester, and you can use it for your vacation.

Another online text book buyback option is Chegg, although they are starting to go all digital. The link is to other options we have used with our Book Driver textbook service.   Chegg offers incredibly high discounts on text books and pioneered textbook rental online.   It has been around since 2005, and is a very reliable source to find books that are otherwise difficult to find.

The site offers up to 90% discounted price promise, but it is almost impossible to find a book which is sold at such astoundingly high discounted rates. Don’t let their typical marketing approach throw you off though.

You can still find a wide array of books with hefty discounts on this website.  The website has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface; you can search for any book just using the ISBN number. The search will also show you the price of the same eBook, if it is available in electronic version.

What is even more interesting is that the search results also show how much it would cost to rent the book over the semester, and renting is generally the best deal available, as long as you can get the book back to Chegg in good condition by the end of the semester.

Chegg also offers to buy back the used books at pretty decent prices, certainly better than your college bookstore. In fact Chegg likes to position itself as a more transparent option to your college bookstore monopoly.

Other really helpful websites to help buying and selling books online are BIGWORDS and DealOz.  These aren’t actual web stores selling books, but instead, are textbook comparison shopping engines that help you compare the prices of books across a wide variety of online stores.

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