Batching is a great way to handle email answering and develop FAQ’s for common scenarios to respond to. And it really lightens my day!

Many times an email response is a binary choice, yes or no question which can be answered in a binary manner. This is a great place to start with automating emails based on key information points.

I use a system where I check email at 9a and 1p during the week. This is not always successful and points to the habit that email has formed over the past 15 years. Certainly true in my life.

Batching is taking care of the same or similar tasks at one scheduled time be it daily , weekly or monthly,  Many of my tasks are online and involve log-in time so if I can do ten tasks, on one log-in session that’s obviously better than logging in ten times.

But mobile phones blow all of that out of the water with the blips, bleeps and convos, ie. constant updates.

So, I’m planning on un-engaging email from my phone as a goal to prevent interruptions and temptations.

I have reached my goal of having an empty-ish inbox, certainly less than 25 messages at all time. I accomplished this through using Filters to auto label frequently received messages. I also have boiler plate responses to about ten common questions in my business.

Finally, you may be surprised how delayed response, 24 or 48 hours,  may allow non-customer issues to work themselves out.  Non – stratgei

I think it’s very important to manage your email, not the other way around.  Batching your email allows you to curate your time and media intake.

Seth Godin’s quote explains why,

“When we curate our media intake (and create our own) and when we decide what story to tell ourselves (instead of accepting the story of someone with different objectives than ours), we can rewire our inputs and the way we process them.

Same facts, different experience. On purpose.”  The asymmetry of decay



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